It all started when I was choosing a professional resume writing service for my resume. There were too many resume writing services to choose from. Most of the services either had a cookie cutter approach (applying a resume to a set template) or were written by resume writers with no hiring experience. Though the resume writing service I chose had the right credentials the final resume was wonderfully edited but lacked the impact factor in terms of content. This was the drive to create citrusresume – a resume writing service that creates each resume from scratch, is written by hiring managers, and is market-tested by professionals in your field.

About Ravi Kumar

I have 8+ years of experience in management consulting, managing global teams, and making hiring decisions. My professional background is in healthcare and marketing and I am based out of Boston, MA. I personally work on every resume along with a team of three resume writers that have backgrounds in human resources, information technology, and social sciences. We have a panel of reviewers drawn from various professions. The right reviewer is chosen from the panel to provide unbiased feedback on your resume. Their feedback is then incorporated to get you a market-ready resume.
My clients have been thrilled seeing their revised resumes and ALL have received interviews within a few weeks of updating their resume. We measure our success based on your success, and so I will be glad to be of assistance to you.