How is Citrusresume different?
How is Citrusresume different? A quick google search on “resume writing services” will give you multiple services to choose from. People usually break through the clutter by evaluating individual websites, and assessing the credentials of the resume writers. The quality of the website and the credentials of the resume writer are an indication of the [...] Read more

How much should you pay for a “Professionally Written Resume”?
How much should you pay for a “Professionally Written Resume”? A professionally written resume has many advantages: It increases the chances of getting you an interview Favorably positions you as the candidate for the job Helps increase your confidence during the actual job interview. OBJECTIVE: A simple Google search would give you a lot of [...] Read more

The Free Resume vs. the Professionally Crafted Resume
The Free Resume vs. the Professionally Crafted Resume Should you go in for a free resume template vs. a professionally crafted resume? The answer depends on the stage in your professional career. For folks in the early stages of their professional career (graduate students, people with 1-2 years of experience), a do-it-yourself approach is best. [...] Read more

The Emotive Resume
The Emotive Resume A resume is not always about stating the facts of your work experience. It is about portraying your achievements, goals, and innovation brought about at each role / position you have been. Some of the best resumes we have seen are those where the candidates have articulated how they have implemented “out-of-the-box” [...] Read more

Your Virtual Resume
Your Virtual Resume Is a paper version of your resume enough? With today’s competitive job market, having an online presence is a must. An online presence has two benefits: (a) It allows you to have an extended version of your resume. You are constrained for space in your paper resume (usually 1-2 pages). In your [...] Read more

The Impactful Resume
The Impactful Resume A hiring manager receives too many resumes for a position. Since your resume is one among the many resumes, it is important to work on the impact factor of your resume. Here are the five essentials of an impact resume. 1. Simplicity Your credentials and achievements must be presented in a manner [...] Read more

The Winning Resume
The Winning Resume We all have a resume. But does your resume make the hiring manager jump up with attention and say “we need this person”? We all work hard, consistently meet our project deadlines, and continuously learn on the job to expand our skill sets. But are these efforts presented in an effective manner [...] Read more

The Noticeable Resume
The Noticeable Resume Ever wonder what does it take to get your resume to the top of the pile of the resume’s. Any job opening that is advertised gets 40-50 resume’s (if not hundred’s). Thus the human resources (HR) personnel are burdened with reading through these resumes. As time is always a limiting factor, each [...] Read more