Our resumes are crisp, noticeable, relevant, and impactful. Here is why we are different…

1 No Templates

  • No mass production of resumes from templates.
  • Each resume is unique and has its own feel.

2 Direct Contact

  • You will be talking directly to the resume-writer and not to the sales folks.
  • Less emails and more direct conversation.

3 Market Testing

  • We get your resume reviewed by professionals in your area to assess the uniqueness, recall, and top-of-mind perceptions of your resume.
  • This translates to a more relevant resume.

4 Experience

  • Your resume will be written by professionals that have experience in reviewing resumes and making hiring decisions.
  • The experience translates to an impactful resume.

5 We Care

  • Schedule a time to talk to our resume writers before you use our services.
  • The experience translates to an impactful resume.